you a
parent ?

to identify
your child's
talents & skills?

Unable to
give them the
right career advices?

Worry no more!

India's first AI augmented-yet-human driven career mentoring program is here to discover and nurture your child's dream. Developed by experts, this program has been designed to discover the true potential in every child.

Presenting to you Career Mentor

Career Mentor

Artificial Intelligence wrapped with a Human Touch




Career Counsellors




Super AI

A joint venture by


CareerGuru has over 20+ years of career counselling expertise assisting over a million students across India. Wudi on the other hand brings to the table its AI based talent and skill discovery platform developed by experts from across the globe.

Together, these entities make Career Mentor a clear amalgamation of expertise, innovation and cutting edge technology.

How does Career Mentor work?

Career Mentor is a program designed for students in the age group of 12-17. Judiciously structured with continous assessment of a student with a one year long program framework touching all areas of talent and skill. Packed with sessions, workshops and continous interactions with expert mentors, career counsellors and like minded individuals, Career Mentor program has been developed to help every student discover their true calling.

Expert Mentors

Accomplished inddividuals from various verticals across the globe will consistently interact with the student through sessions, workshops and perosnnel mentoring.

Certified Counsellors

An expert counsellor will be assigned to every student to constantly mentor and assist them throughout the program. This career counsellor will also be the touch point for parents.

Seamless Technology

Artificial Intelligence will be used to better understand every individual and assess their talents and skills.

Scientific Design

The program has been structured with a mix of both conventional and un-conventional methods, yet adhering to scientific and proven methodolgies.

Continous Assessment

We believe that every individual is far more than what a 3 hour test or 2 hour interaction can unravel. Our program has been designed to assess the student using their dispersed interactions over the entire duration of the program.

Holistic Structuring

To cut the story short, an artist need not be measured for analytical skills.

Stop being fooled by
inexpeirenced career counsellors
who judge your child
with a test or a few minutes of interaction.

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